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Committed to industry-leading product quality, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship, we promote and apply sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium 100% recycled fibers for a broad range of paper, tissue and food packaging products.

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Our mills have an enduring commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This includes energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater treatment technology, and recycling of process by-products. And we’re always seeking smarter ways to reduce our impact even further.


De, Pere

Wisconsin, USA

100% sustainable recycled fiber content
(sourced from across the United States)

170,000 ADST/YR
US, Primarily the Midwest


Breakeyville, Quebec, Canada

100% sustainable recycled fiber content 
(sourced from the Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada)

110,000 ADST/YR
US & Eastern Canada

Circular Value Chain Fiber Recovery

Our two production operations follow proprietary processes to manufacture premium sustainable recycled fiber from recycled paper content.  Products are used to make printing and commercial papers, tissue paper, and packaging, including food-grade packaging products.

The mills have a longstanding commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This includes energy efficiency, water conservation, advanced wastewater treatment technology, and reuse of by-products.

Our production processes focus on sustainably minimizing water usage, energy usage, and waste.

We are conscious of water used in production, enabling our facilities to have a low water usage, which we are committed to maintaining year over year.

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    FSC® C084677

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    • Food Packaging Institute
    • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
    • Sustainable Brands
    • CELAB
    • Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council