Efficient Recycling Starts with Collaboration - Sustana Fiber

Efficient Recycling Starts with Collaboration

Jim Schneider, VP of Operations at Sustana Fiber, explains how consumers, manufacturers, and recyclers can work together to accelerate the circular economy.

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High recycled-content products, packaging on the shelves, and advanced capabilities at recycling mills reinforce the need for efficient recycling processes. Everyone from consumers to manufacturers must work together to advance recycling infrastructure and limit waste and pollution. To do so requires proactive communication and thinking, leading to better solutions.

Sustana Fiber leads the way through collaboration with local and national stakeholders, including some of the largest U.S. label suppliers. Jim Schneider considers labels and other promotional materials of great value in the circular economy. To further demonstrate the connection between partnership and efficient processes, Sustana Fiber recently signed a commitment – facilitated by the Foodservice Packaging Institute – to increase the recycling of paper cups.

With that, many so-called end-of-life products can be recycled so that material can be put back into different products and used again – but this can only happen when recyclers, manufacturers, and consumers are all engaged in the process. Read the full article here.