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Evaluate Your Project’s Sustainability with Sustana’s New Packaging Assessment Tool

As more and more consumers are becoming concerned about the environment, many of today’s leading brands are increasingly offering customers new fiber-based sustainable packaging options.

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To help brands meet this challenge, we have launched Sustana’s Packaging Assessment Criteria Evaluation or SPACE, a new online tool to help brands evaluate their paper packaging project’s overall sustainability profile. After completing the brief survey, an environmental assessment score is instantly provided to you along with helpful suggestions and solutions. By using this useful tool, new packaging ideas can be easily measured to assess your potential market impact on supporting a circular, sustainable recycled fiber future.

SPACE includes questions about recycled content, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) initiatives, and consumer demand. As the marketplace continues to welcome fiber-based packaging, the questionnaire provides you with a valuable tool to help in understanding how your new packaging may be perceived by sustainability-conscious consumers.

Sustana’s Packaging Assessment Criteria Evaluation can be found online with your score results viewed immediately following the completion of the assessment. The score is calculated from your responses and based primarily upon various objective factors ranging from the package’s planned sustainable recycled content to its post-production transportation footprint. In addition, a few subjective criteria are also included in the evaluation such as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the new package design development. There is no cost to complete the assessment and the survey can be completed more than once for continual package evaluation. After completing the survey, you’ll receive an assessment of how environmentally-friendly your packaging idea is and, if needed, helpful suggestions on how to make your newest packaging concept even more sustainable to help build a circular fiber future.

From the drive-thru to the store shelf, Sustana Fiber’s new assessment tool can help drive your new sustainable packaging anywhere you want, so take the assessment today!