Partnering for a Sustainable Supply Chain Boosts Circularity - Sustana Fiber

Partnering for a Sustainable Supply Chain Boosts Circularity

Jim Schneider, Sustana Fiber’s VP of Operations, sheds light on the benefit of partnership in the circular economy and the mill’s trial with Sonoco and Kellogg’s.

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With an evolving recycling system, brands and manufacturers must regularly reevaluate the materials used in products. The good news is that opportunities exist to improve recyclability and meet the demand of an ever-changing system. The questions are: Where can recycled fiber be used, and what does it take to incorporate that fiber?

In an article for GreenBiz, Jim Schneider explained why partnership is vital to further the recycling system. To understand product functionality, conversations must occur between recyclers and manufacturers. For example, Sustana Fiber recently partnered with Sonoco and Kellogg’s to further examine the recyclability of paper containers in the paper stream.

Similarly, Sustana Fiber has partnered with global brands to provide sustainable solutions across industries. Partnership catalyzes change and is crucial for addressing changing regulations like extended producer responsibility laws. The advancement of the circular economy relies on collaboration. Read the full article here.