Sustainable, Successful Businesses Start with Innovation - Sustana Fiber

Sustainable, Successful Businesses Start with Innovation

Sustana’s VP of Sales and Marketing Renée Yardley, spoke with Recycling Today about how the company’s focus on circularity and innovation has led to its success in the pulp, paper, and food packaging industries.

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Recycling is only one part of Sustana’s identity; sustainability is everything Sustana stands for and represents. Though limited by size, Sustana processes nearly 2.2 million pounds of recycled material daily and approximately 750 million pounds per year. Carefully considered partnerships and unconventional ideas have allowed Sustana to maximize its results and continuously push circularity forward.

The industry has shifted from printing and writing paper to packaging.  Sustana was out ahead when it came to securing alternative sources of fiber, such as gabletop and aseptic containers, to recycle.

In 2018, Sustana partnered with Starbucks to demonstrate the viability of recycling and processing single-use paper cups with plastic liners to produce fiber to make new cups – with success. Furthermore, Sustana has partnered with other industry leaders like Sonoco and Kellogg’s to prove the recyclability of paper containers with steel bottoms in the paper stream.

Continuous collaboration with brand owners to increase the recyclability of food-grade packaging is an integral part of Sustana’s focus over the next several years. Read the full article here.