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Sustana Fiber Recognizes Milestone Safety Achievement

Sustana Fiber reaches safety achievement for operating one year without a recordable incident.

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De Pere, WI – Sustana Fiber recently reached a milestone in safety for operating one year without a recordable incident. The company’s achievement recognizes the employees for their outstanding dedication to maintaining, monitoring, and continuous improvement of their workplace safety.

As a critical component of daily operations at Sustana Fiber, safety is part of the culture. The culture is built upon caring for people, providing a safe workplace and making each accountable, proactive and vigilant. This significant accomplishment clearly demonstrates Sustana Fiber’s strong commitment to this culture.

Contributing factors to Sustana Fiber’s safety record include Focus on BBS – Behavior Based Safety, continuous discussion between associates on the floor and Caring Enough to Act, which encourages associates to communicate and take action in their work environment. Team members are provided continual education and training, which is supported by a strong safety committee. The company takes time to recognize achievements and milestones in safety accomplishments.

Committed to industry-leading product quality, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship, Sustana Fiber applies sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium 100% recycled fibers for a broad range of paper, tissue and food packaging products.

To make the safety information readily available to team members and promote a unified safety mindset, Sustana Fiber maintains a day tracking board that keeps a running tally of consecutive no recordable days. The safe workforce culture and updates are communicated on a regular basis.

Jim Schneider, VP Operations, is proud to congratulate the team. “This is a substantial achievement and one that we can all be proud of,” says Schneider. “I am very proud of every individual that has helped us reach this milestone. Let’s celebrate this achievement, remember what we did to make it happen, continuously improve and above all, take care of each other!”

Sustana Fiber celebrated the milestone to recognize the team’s dedication and hard work for the safety achievement.

About Sustana Fiber

Sustana Fiber, a leading producer of FSC® certified, recycled fibers, uses highly automated proprietary processes to efficiently turn recovered paper material into high quality recycled fiber for use in printing papers, tissue, formed molded fiber packaging, and in addition, fiber compliant with FDA standards for foodservice packaging. Sustana Fiber’s recycled fibers facilities are based in De Pere, Wisconsin (USA) and in Lévis, Quebec (Canada). Sustana Fiber is proud to provide comprehensive recycled fiber solutions for customers.

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