Sustana to host webinar exploring sustainable recycled fiber and paper - Sustana Fiber

Sustana to host webinar exploring sustainable recycled fiber and paper

Amidst growing concerns and conversations around the environmental issues facing our society, businesses need innovative sustainability solutions that go beyond traditional efforts. But how do we get there? And what do businesses need to keep in mind when aiming to shift their supply chain from linear to circular?

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Designed as an informative webinar, this 1-hour event on Wednesday, May 12 at 11am EST will largely focus on how to move toward a circular economy, offering actionable steps on building a sustainable supply chain through collaboration alongside like-minded partners, transparent measurement, and continuous innovation in paper and packaging.

As an important supply chain partner to other sustainably-conscious companies, Sustana is uniquely suited to share their expertise, case studies and key learnings on building circular supply chains. During this webinar, the Sustana team will offer insight into: a seamless approach to sustainability, including their innovative use of the renewable energy biogas at Rolland and highlighting results from their life cycle assessment (LCA); relevant case studies, like the partnership project with Starbucks, demonstrating how paper cups can be recycled and turned into new cups; key learnings from operating successfully in a highly regulated industry, like food & beverage, along with the importance of 100% sustainable recycled papers.

The session will also provide time at the end for an audience Q&A portion to not only continue the dialogue but also help inspire, inform and empower attendees to turn circular economy concepts into tangible business opportunities.

Join our Panelists:

Sustana Fiber: Mark Bond

Rolland Paper: Jill Boorse

Sustana: Emily Olson

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This webinar will be presented in English only.