Tips for Approaching ESG Systems as an SME - Sustana Fiber

Tips for Approaching ESG Systems as an SME

Sustana’s VP of Sustainability Jeffrey Crawford shares how Small and Medium Enterprises can make progress on Environmental, Social and Governance goals for long-term growth.

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Successful companies tend to rank high on ESG indicators, making it clear that it’s critical to prioritize ESG systems. This can be time-consuming and costly, but expanded initiatives help companies avoid business risks and engage with key stakeholders. For that reason, prioritizing ESG issues has positioned Sustana as an attractive business partner.

Sustana has also leveraged its influence for good by focusing on crucial issues such as climate change, circularity, water, energy, and sustainable supply chains to strengthen its ESG mechanisms. Jeffrey Crawford says collaboration is necessary for significant movement on these issues. So, Sustana is strengthening its alignment with the organizations along its value chain.

The time for other SMEs to act is now. Jeffrey Crawford shared seven pieces of advice with Triple Pundit on how to lead your company forward, starting with codifying your purpose and principles and establishing ESG governance and risk oversight. Read the full article here.