Pulp NonFiction™

The Paper and Packaging Podcast

Welcome to Pulp NonFiction podcast, where we are here to talk about critical issues involving packaging in the circular economy. Join host Greg Johnson, Sustana Fiber’s Director of New Business Development and his co-host Dr. Marta Pazos, a leading sustainable packaging materials scientist, as they talk with a variety of professionals committed to helping develop the circular economy to get their perspective on what they think are the most important and critical subjects regarding sustainability today.

Lights, camera, action: What steps is Hollywood taking to help the environment – Bonnie Wright

Our first guest Bonnie Wright, the acclaimed actress and environmental activist who starred in the Harry Potter film series brings to light what sustainability means to her and our environment.

Fiber Based Packaging Trends with Thomas Fu – VP Innovation, Sabert

October’s podcast guest is Thomas Fu, VP of Global Innovation at Sabert Corporation, a leading producer of food packaging including many recycled and recyclable products. Thomas talks about how specialty coffee led to the evolution of the coffee cup sleeve, some new fiber-based packaging trends, the importance of improving our recycling collection systems and more!

Think Outside the Bottle for Healthy and Sustainable Living with Julie Corbett – Founder Ecologic Brands

This month’s guest is Julie Corbett, founder of Ecologic Brands and pioneer of paper bottle development in North America. Julie offers her thoughts and experiences about the increasing popularity of paper bottles, the ongoing limitations and recycling challenges of plastic and glass containers, some sound advise for would-be entrepreneurs, and more!