Pulp NonFiction™

The Paper and Packaging Podcast

Welcome to Pulp NonFiction: The Paper and Packaging Podcast, a monthly video podcast sponsored by Sustana Fiber. Join host Greg Johnson, Sustana Fiber’s Director of New Business Development and his co-host Dr. Marta Pazos, a leading sustainable packaging materials scientist, as they talk about trending topics involving sustainability with a variety of professionals all committed to helping develop the circular economy to improve our environment.

Exploring Science & Tech with Bill Peck, Regeneration.VC Board Member

Bill talks about his inspirational journey from working construction to earning a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta to becoming an expert in fluid mechanics, how the growth of fiber-based packaging is encouraging more recycling, what it’s like consulting with fellow board members like Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and General Wesley Clark on circular economy ventures, and much more!

Making the Case for Paper’s Place with Mary Anne Hansan, President, Paper & Packaging Board

Mary Anne Hansan, President of the Paper and Packaging Board, leads us on an exciting paper chase exploring why paper is now being favored over plastic for many single-use packaging applications, what kinds of recycling messaging consumers tend to gravitate towards, how the Paper and Packaging Board actively promotes paper’s sustainability story in unique and creative ways, and much more!

Sounding the Alarm About Plastic’s Harm with Christine Figgener, Director, Footprint Foundation

Christine Figgener, Director of Science & Education of the Footprint Foundation, takes us on a deep dive into what her research experiences exploring our oceans can teach us including the complexities of the multiple problems impacting our oceans like plastic waste, chemical pollution, and habitat destruction as well as some potential solutions, how U.S. brands’ implementation of sustainable packaging compares to other countries, what “plogging” is and how it can help us clean up our shorelines while getting in some good exercise, and much more!

Takin’ Care of Business the Green Way with Michelle Thatcher – CEO, U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Thatcher, CEO and Co-Founder of The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is our April podcast guest. Michelle reveals some colorful insights into why companies that differentiate their brands by being “greener” attract more passionate employees (and customers), how the chamber’s new Business Exchange Network (BEN) program can minimize supply chain disruptions, what embracing traits like resiliency and determination does to inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success, and much more!

Fresh Food For Thought from Cat Neville, TV Producer & Host of tasteMAKERS

Our podcast guest in March is Cat Neville, the talented Producer & Host of the Emmy award-winning PBS television series tasteMAKERS. Cat serves up some tantalizing food for thought on why consumers continue to be fixated on food, how innovative brands are increasingly embracing recycled packaging, the positive impact of regenerative agricultural practices on artisanal and local food favorites, and much more!

The New Treat: Packaging You Can Eat with Dr. Yanyun Zhao, Professor at Oregon State University

February’s podcast guest is Dr. Yanyun Zhao, Professor in the Department of Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University (OSU). Dr. Zhao discusses her groundbreaking work developing edible food packaging and its exciting implications for food waste reduction, her latest research regarding water-resistant paperboard coatings, her helpful hints on how we can improve STEM curriculum in US schools, and much more!

Pretty in Print with Cheree Berry – Founder and CEO of Cheree Berry Paper & Design

January’s podcast guest is Cheree Berry, founder and CEO of Cheree Berry Paper & Design. Cheree shares some interesting insights on what makes her renowned graphic design agency continue to flourish, the role that recycled paper plays in her stylish stationery, her rewarding experience working with the late Kate Spade, and more!

Uplifting Gift Giving: Presents with a Purpose with Melissa Sevy – Founder and CEO of Ethik Collective

December’s podcast guest is Melissa Sevy, founder and CEO of Ethik Collective. Melissa shares the heartwarming story of her unique handcrafted gift business that empowers economically challenged women as well as rescued sex-trafficked victims, her strong commitment to sourcing sustainably made products, how she’s survived the lingering global supply chain struggles, and more!

Think Outside the Bottle for Healthy and Sustainable Living with Julie Corbett – Founder of Ecologic Brands

November’s podcast guest is Julie Corbett, founder of Ecologic Brands and pioneer of paper bottle development in North America. Julie offers her thoughts and experiences about the increasing popularity of paper bottles, the ongoing limitations and recycling challenges of plastic and glass containers, some sound advise for would-be entrepreneurs, and more!

Examining Packaging with Thomas Fu – VP of Global Innovation, Sabert

October’s podcast guest is Thomas Fu, VP of Global Innovation at Sabert Corporation, a leading producer of food packaging including many recycled and recyclable products. Thomas talks about how specialty coffee led to the evolution of the coffee cup sleeve, some new fiber-based packaging trends, the importance of improving our recycling collection systems and more!

Lights, Camera, Action: What Steps Hollywood is Taking to Help the Environment with Bonnie Wright – Actress & Eco-Activist

Our first podcast guest Bonnie Wright, the acclaimed actress and environmental activist who starred in the Harry Potter film series, brings to light what sustainability means to her and our environment.