Fiber with excellent strength, durability, and consistent formation for use in molded fiber packaging, egg cartons and specialty products.

It typically requires less energy to process than ONP.

Sustana promotes and applies sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium, eco-friendly recycled fibers to customers across North America.


Our mills produce premium white recycled fibers for a broad range of paper, tissue and food packaging products.


Our premium white recycled fibers are available as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Recycled and 100% recycled.

Why EnviroBond©



Consistent Formation

100% Recycled Fiber

Processed Chlorine Free

FSC® C084677

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100% recycled fiber for use in
molded fiber packaging, egg cartons, and specialty products.

Molded Fiber Packaging


Egg Carton


Specialty Products

We are committed to finding new ways to minimize impacts on water quality and quantity through recovery, reuse, and wastewater disposal.

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