EnviroLife® | Sustana Fiber produces de-inked fiber which is compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging at 100% inclusion without the need of a barrier.


• Bringing fiber products full circle with sustainable innovation

• Compliant with FDA standards for use in food grade paper packaging

• Sustainable solutions for use in direct food contact papers and packaging products

EnviroLife® sustainable recycled fiber has zero fluorescence, a growing demand in the food packaging industry.

EnviroLife® is a 100% sustainable recycled fiber manufactured in North America compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging for use in direct food contact packaging at 100% inclusion.


Usage supported by a No Objection Letter (NOL) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating the fiber “is of a purity suitable for food-contact use.”


EnviroLife® can comprise 100% of food and beverage packaging without a barrier and is compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging for contact with all types of food under all conditions of use (21 CFR 176.170, 21 CFR 176.180, and 21 CFR 176.260).

EnviroLife® by Sustana Fiber – 100%
Recycled Fiber for Sustainable Food Packaging

Providing food service brands recycled fiber for sustainable packaging solutions to serve customers with environmentally-friendly paper cups, cartons, food wraps, and food containers.

Why EnviroLife®

Compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging

Zero Fluorescence

100% Recycled Fiber

Elemental Chlorine Free

FSC® C084677

Kosher Certification

Available upon request

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Cup to Cup: Partnership
project with Starbucks

Sustainable partnership project — an innovative collaboration between
Sustana Fiber and three other supply chain partners, working together to demonstrate
that Starbucks cups could be recycled and turned into new cups.


Our blend of recovered hard and softwood fibers gives EnviroLife®
strength and durability for packaging and board applications.

Sustainable Food Service Packaging


Paper Cups


Food and Beverage Cartons

EnviroLife® requires 9 times
less water to produce
than virgin fiber

Specification Sheet