EnviroNatural™ | Recycled fiber for use in the production of tissue, technical and specialty papers, and white top liner.


Providing 100% recycled natural fiber for use in sustainable paper food-grade packaging.

Recycled fiber for use in sustainable paper packaging products in the food service industry.

Sustainable recycled natural fiber from recovered papers creating a circular economy with EnviroNatural™ for a variety of paper packaging and board applications.


EnviroNatural™ fiber has zero fluorescence, a growing demand in the food packaging industry.


100% sustainable recycled fiber manufactured in North America compliant with 21 CFR 176.260 standards for use in food contact packaging.

Why EnviroNatural™

Complies with 21 CFR 176.60

Zero Fluorescence

100% Recycled Fiber

Elemental Chlorine Free

FSC® C084677

Kosher Certification

Available upon request

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Sustainable recycled fiber for use in the product of food service packaging.

Sustainable Food Wraps and Packaging


Food Containers & Bags


Paper Cups and Cartons

Our mills have an enduring commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This includes energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater treatment technology, and recycling of process by-products.

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